Hi, I'm Ayden, and it's my pleasure to share the gift of music with you!

A bit about me:

For the past decade I have performed in a myriad of places from school programs to farmers markets and private events as a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter. I love to share my passion for music through expressive singing and violin, funky guitar rhythms, and colourful piano chords.

My personal background in Montessori and Waldorf education and working with autism at Easter Seals (2011 - 2014) gave me a unique awareness and appreciation of the varying needs of learners, allowing me to adapt my teaching methods to each student.

I teach students how to develop a deep personal connection to music, blending classical and folk traditions with the cutting edge techniques of modern technology. My method is intuitive and holistic, whereby I seek to leverage the interconnections between music, emotions, the brain, the body, and modern life to make you a better, more fulfilled player.

I teach the FUNdamentals of piano, guitar, violin and voice with a focus on healthy posture, functional music theory, improvisation and learning your favourite songs! My aim is to impart a well-rounded view of music for those that want to explore and find their own unique voice. And I like to keep it light and fun!

Words from my clients: