For passionate but frustrated songwriters:

Ableton Live® for Songwriters

Bring Your Songs to Life

From Rough Cuts to Spotify

In just 12 weeks!

Are you a songwriter with dozens of unfinished ideas scattered across notebooks and hard drives? Do you dream of creating songs that evoke deep emotions, captivate listeners, and inspire change? If so, I can help you turn those fragments into fully realised, powerful songs.

What I Offer:

As a creative coach, I guide songwriters like you to bring your best work to life. No matter where you are, whether you sing, play guitar, piano or another instrument, together we’ll take your raw ideas and transform them into polished, complete songs ready for the world to hear!


The Sheer Joy of Creation:

Experience the unparalleled joy of creating something from nothing. MAGIC.

Studio Mastery:

Hear the song in your head and bring it to life in the studio with Ableton Live.

Achieving Recognition:

Share your songs widely and gain the recognition you deserve for your artistic talents!

Touching People’s Hearts:

Create music that is a gift, a powerful expression capable of moving your audience deeply.

Why Ableton Live?

Ableton Live is a powerful software that revolutionises the way you create music. Its loop-based ideation abilities allow you to build and experiment with song ideas quickly and flexibly. 

With Live's Session View, you can improvise without the constraints of a timeline, making it perfect for capturing spontaneous creativity. The software’s flexible workflow lets you switch seamlessly between different stages of your songwriting process, ensuring that you stay in your creative zone without getting bogged down by technical details.

Ableton Live is a fantastic tool, and while some songwriters find it intimidating, you can rest assured that I am here to help you tame this software beast to do your bidding, and in the process become self-sufficient in making your music your way!

Comprehensive Songwriting & Production Support:

I provide guidance and support at every step of the songwriting and production process, ensuring your musical ideas reach their full potential. Some of the areas we can work together include:

  • Crafting Compelling Lyrics:
    Tell a story, share your message, resonate with listeners, take them on an emotional journey, and blow people away.
  • Melodies and Chord Progressions: 
    Create memorable melodies and well-crafted musical harmonies from top to bottom.
  • Beat Programming:
    Design engaging percussive rhythms that drive your songs.
  • Orchestration:
    Write and arrange parts for guitars, keyboards, strings and other instruments to elevate your music.
  • Arranging and Production:
    Use Ableton Live’s dynamic sound tools to maximise the song’s emotional arc and sonic impact.
  • Collaborating with Session Musicians:
    Find the right talent to bring your vision fully to life.
  • Editing, and Mixing:
    Ensure your tracks are polished, balanced, and ready for release.

Your Path to Success:

Your journey with me will be tailored to your unique needs and goals. Generally I coach songwriters for a period of 4 - 12 weeks to get the best results. Here’s how we’ll work together to bring your songs to life:

  • Discovery Session: 
    We'll start with a discovery call to understand your musical background, goals, and specific needs. This helps me tailor the coaching process to you.
  • Ideation and Planning: 
    We'll brainstorm and develop your song ideas, focusing on perfecting lyrics, memorable melodies, and rich chord progressions.
  • Building the Framework: 
    Using Ableton Live’s loop-based ideation, we’ll create the foundational elements of your song, ensuring a solid structure to build upon.
  • Harmony and Orchestration: 
    We’ll add depth with harmonies and arrange parts for various instruments to enhance your music.
  • Recording and Production: 
    We’ll focus on high-quality recording techniques, including optimal mic usage, and utilise Ableton Live’s powerful production tools for maximum impact.
  • Collaboration: 
    If needed, we’ll hire session musicians to add professional touches to your track, ensuring it sounds as good as possible.
  • Editing and Mixing: 
    Precision editing and mixing ensure your song is polished, balanced, and ready for release. We’ll work on refining every aspect to perfection.
  • Finalisation and Release: 
    We’ll finalise the production, making sure your song is ready for release. I’ll provide guidance on the best practices for distributing your music and gaining the recognition you deserve.

You Deserve Recognition: 

As a songwriter, you deserve to be seen and heard. Your music has the power to touch lives, change perspectives, and promote healing. Let’s work together to ensure your voice is not only heard but celebrated!

Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to elevate your songwriting and bring your musical vision to life, click below to schedule a discovery call. Let’s chat about how we can work together to complete and release your best songs yet!


I'm  Ayden Graham,

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. My music blends hopeful melancholy with raw rhythmic edge, whimsical storytelling and poignant lyricism, chamber music elegance and grooves from rock, jazz, and funk, set against an eerie electronica backdrop.

I was honoured to receive the prestigious Helene Wurlitzer Foundation songwriting artist-in-residence grant for 2020/21 and earned my MA in Songwriting from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick, Ireland, in 2023.

Connect with Me:

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